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The inspiration for Code Of Vets: Sgt. Danny E. Smiley, my dad, my Airborne Angel. He was a Bronze Star Medal recipient, a 100 percent disabled Vietnam Veteran - exposed to agent orange. He lost his battle with PTSD at age 57. R.I.P Dad

Gretchen Smith USAF Veteran
Founder, Code of Vets

Gretchen's Father

Code of Vets

Homeless Vet moves into new home

A veteran and his two daughters were moving from church to church without a home of their own. Code of Vets supporters were able to track down a home for this veteran and his two daughters and pay the first 6 months of rent until they got stable.

Veteran Rescued From Living In Car

Code of Vets was able to assist a veteran living in his car get into an apartment and have enough food to eat.

Code of Vets

Assisting 11 homeless veterans in California

Code of Vets and supporters working to assist 11 homeless vets in California with clothing, food and housing.

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Veterans First!

  • It is time to take care of our own. One veteran at a time.
  • Roughly every 70 minutes a veteran commits suicide
  • There are approximately 40,000 homeless veterans on any given night
  • In the past year alone the number of diagnosed PTSD cases in the military jumped 50% (this is only reported and diagnosed cases)
  • According to the VA, up to 20% of Operation Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans, up to 10% of Gulf War veterans, and up to 30% of Vietnam veterans have PTSD.
  • Transitioning from military to civilian life is often overwhelming and stressful. Transferring military job skills, training and education is a common problem for veterans.
  • It is time to shine the light on the daily issues in our veteran community. It is time to put our veterans first.
  • We have been given a unique opportunity wit this grassroots movement to effect true change


Where is your American spirit? Join us on this endeavor to assist veterans that have fallen through the cracks. We provide immediate intervention for veterans in crisis, at risk and/or in need.


It is time to share our stories on a daily basis. 2019 will be the year for veterans. We are a grassroots firestorm.


We are bringing awareness and seeking practical solutions to the daily struggles and issue of our veteran community. Our mission is to take care of our own. One veteran at a time. We are coalescing our base to be a powerful voice speaking for the rights for veterans with dignity and respect.